What Happened To Jessy Jacob And Dog On TikTok? Was She Arrested? Video Explained: We are with another update that a famous tik toker Jessy Jacob’s account is banned & deleted by the TikTok after a statement she gave to his account. A video shared by him on his account which gets viral in which she said something wrong which affected a large number of communities. Her statement has gained a lot of views and now people are also getting angry about her statement. If you are wondering what are we talking about so don’t worry we are here to tell you about this whole story. So, let’s have a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Jessy Jacob

Who Is Jessy Jacob?

Jessy is a social media influencer and she is also quite famous for the video she shared on her TikTok account. She has thousands of followers on her TikTok account. She got into the eye when she shared a video on her account which was sensitive and hurt the sentiments of the people badly. Though much information about her is not gathered as this will not be legally right to share her personal information openly. She is an American who shared a video that bring her into controversy so below we have shared what kind of video shared by her which got viral.

Jessy Jacob Viral Video?

She shared a video of her in which she harassed the assistant dog and she didn’t say sorry for that she also insulted the other dogs and the ones who have dogs. This video of her hurt the feelings of people and when TikTok came to know about this video they banned her from the platform and now she can never join TikTok. Another statement has come that she also has a dog and she did all this to get fame on the internet and the result got the opposite.

Is She Arrested?

Well, there is a thought among Twitter & Reddit users that she should be arrested for insulting the dogs and other users. As per the report, she has shared many videos like this before and now users want to give punishment for this so she thinks before posting any video. But now her account is deleted and she will also apologize for her behavior. This video has gained millions of views and many animal lover organization has filed a complaint against her but we don’t know the results till now. We will update this article when we get more information on the same.


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