What Happened To Jedine Carr? Grange Killing Of National Footballer: An incident happened in which a young football player Jedine Carr got killed by a gunman on Friday at the age of 17. Her death has shattered a lot of people even the minister of culture, Gender, Sports & Entertainment Olivia Grange said that she can’t get over the death of Jedine Carr. She had won the heart of people by making her country proud as she went to China for the Chinese Football Development Exchange Program. People are searching for her as her death news is now viral and this news now is in the headline. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Jedine Carr

Who was Jedine Carr?

Jedine carr was a young football player who was from Jamaica. In 2018, she went to China to be a part of an exchange program that was held for football development. She played football at the age of 15 for St. Thomas. She studied at Yallahas High school from where she went to the school girl’s competition named 2020 ISSA. According to the press from JFF she played a match against Proven girls academy for the cup of ISSA construction 2022. She pursue her dream at such an age she started playing and won many awards and made her country & school proud.

What Happened To Jedine Carr?

This incident happened on Friday with her when she was out to go for her football practice. The other two men named Andrew Mullings & lived in the Newlands of Yallas. They were driving a blue 2003 Toyota Corallo, though the two men are not identified. They heard the explosions and they lost control and that explosion was with the Carr a gunman open fired the girl and she died on the spot. Her death has shattered many people and her family & relatives losing her at such an age is depressing.

Who Killed Jedine Carr?

Her death also depressed the minister of sports named Olivia Grange. Her family is now depressed and wants private space to morn her. Her funeral details are not revealed yet. People are showing respect towards her mostly her people and her family is getting insurance under the Jamaica Athletes insurance program. The gunman is not arrested and he was not identified till now but police officers are investigating to find the culprit. People are curious and are making pressure on the officers to find the culprit as soon as possible. We will update you about the culprit when we get more information about her. Stay connected with us for more updates.


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