What Happened To Ian Thorpe’s Dad and Where Is Ian Thorpe’s Father Ken Thorpe?: I am sure that you all must have heard of the famous swimmer from Australia, Ian Thorpe. He is well known for his swimming skills and was even successful at the Olympics that were held in the year 2000 in his hometown which is Sydney. From various sources, we were able to confirm the sexuality of the man and it is supposed that he is gay and has not been married to anyone. His partner’s name is Nick Hudson. He is well known for his backstrokes and individual medley. He was even able to win three silver medals alongside a fellow swimmer from Australia, Emma Mccann. He is well reputed in the Australian swimming circuit and has also served as a role model for many young swimmers. However, today we will be talking about the father of the swimmer, Ken Thorpe, and know all about him. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Ian Thorpe Dad

Who is Ken Thorpe?

Ken Thorpe, as you all know, is the father of Ian Thorpe. He was the one who had made his son get involved in the sport of swimming and had pushed him to do better. There is no professional record available for him but he has been a great support to his son. He was married to Margaret and they gave birth to Ian. They used to live as a happy family in the town of Panania. Ken and Margaret also have one other child besides Ian. The name is Christina Thorpe and she is the sister of Ian and the daughter of Ken and Margaret Thorpe.

What Happened To Ian Thorpe’s Dad?

There are not many details available about his marriage either and all we know is that they got married to each other and have been living together ever since. Their son Ian is currently 39 years old and was born on the 13th of October in 1982 in Sydney. Ken was a great father who had always supported and loved his son, Ian, and his daughter, Christian.

Where Is Ian Thorpe’s Father Ken Thorpe?

He really loves his family and when he sensed the potential in the swimmer, he was able to push his talent even further. In fact, if it weren’t for him Ian would not have been able to make it to the big stage. Ken also loved his wife and daughter very dearly and they can’t even imagine their lives without him and the feeling is mutual. The family is a really happy and loving family and we hope that they always stay like that.


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