Several Netflix documentary has been watched by millions of people around the world and maybe, the things are getting serious about these documentaries as netizens are kept trying to search about the people and topic behind the documentaries and recently, a new subject have been trending on social media who is now calling as John Wayne Gacy. According to the sources, he is the main subject of the popular-latest three-part documentary of Netflix, Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes”. Many fans are getting curious to watch the next part of the series and those who have watched the previous parts and taking the Internet to know about John Wayne Gacy.

what happend to gacy house

Well, let us tell you that the documentary revolves around the horrific murders done by a serial killer and reveals some unlistened audiotapes from conversations. Along with this, John Wayne Gacy had with a member of his defense team. According to the documentary, he was found to have murdered almost 33 people, with 29 out of them are found hidden underneath his house. But, the main topic is circulating where is the house? Does that house still exist? Those who have watched the series are getting curious to know about the house and where is it right now? Here, we are trying to provide you some details about this documentary and the house as well.

What Happened to Gacy’s House?

According to the documentary, the story also shares after the arrest of John Wayne Gacy, investigators dug up the crawlspace beneath his house even his garage, driveway and yard as well. After the entire investigation, they found 26 bodies of Gacy’s victim underneath his house in the crawlspace. Not only this but three more victims were found in other locations at the property. While four others were found in the Des Plaines River.

The house was gutted by the investigators and officers to the point that it was a safety hazard so, the house was completely destroyed in April 1979. The property remained until it was bought by Hoyne Savings and & Loan in 1984. Later, the property was bought by a woman who built a new home there for her elderly parents to live in. Even then, the woman has changed the number of the house hoping of stopping curious onlookers who can invade their privacy.

Where Is Gacy’s House?

According to the sources, the house was sold for $300,000 in 2004 and was bought by what seems to be a financial institution. They kept the ownership of the house for the next 15 years and in 2019, the house left for sale once again. The house was listed for almost $459,000 but it didn’t sell for the next two years. But finally, the home sold for $395,000 in March 2021. Well, the sources says that the house of John Wayne Gacy is in Norwood Park, a suburb of Chicago.


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