What Happened To David On No Demo Reno? New Contractor Victor Manta: People want to know what happened to the No Demo Reno contractor David who appeared on the show for the whole first season and now he is leaving the show. Yes, he was part of the first season and he build the homes of the people without disturbing other elements of the home. People started asking the show producer where is David when they released information that the second season of this show will be joined by Tony Taveras and people want to know the reason why they exchange him with Tony. We have shared the reason & other things in the below section. So, let’s have a look. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

David On No Demo Reno

Who Is David?

David is a builder or building contractor who fulfills the needs of the people as they want to give get up to their house. He always gives satisfaction to his customer and is within the budget and without any major demolition. He then Joined No Demo Reno, this is an American show which focuses on redesigning the house he appeared in the first season where he received a lot of attention and he really did awesome results within the given time. He has been in this field for many years and did a great job.

Why David Is Not On No Demo Remo?

As he appeared in the first season and has gained huge popularity but now someone else is the contractor for this show. This has made questions on the show and people want to know what he is replaced. A statement was given by the president of HGTV Jane Latman that People want to make their homes without noise, dust, and any inconvenience. He has satisfied many of his customers and he will be missed by the people as he gets much love & attention and fame.

Who Is The New Contractor Of No Demo Reno?

The new contractor of Victor Manta of Manta will replace Tony Taveras. Jenn appreciates his work and when the first episode of this show was released he said that he is great. He specializes in residential renovations and they also cover repairing & plumbing. He has a great team that can solve any issue in just a second. The new episode of him has now gained popularity and people loved watching him and the way he completes his work. We give best wishes to him for his new beginning. Stay connected with us.


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