What Happened To Bibiani MCE? Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai MCE, driver death in accident: A shocking piece of information reaching us reports that Bibiani MCE has passed away. Mr. Alfred Amoah was acting as the Municipal Chief Executive for Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai. Since the news of Mr. Alfred Amoah’s demise surfaced we are being asked by netizens on a large scale regarding the cause of death of late Mr. Alfred Amoah. And we did a deep study on it and extracted information about Mr. Alfred Amoah’s cause of death. In the following section of this column, we will tell you what actually went wrong with Mr. Alfred Amoah that cost his life. We are feeling bad for the family and friends of Mr. Alfred Amoah as he died unexpectedly and untimely. Kindly read down the next section to learn what is the cause of the death of Mr. Alfred Amoah. Scroll down the page. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Bibiani Mce

What Happened To Bibiani MCE?

According to the source, the Bibiani MCE died in an automobile accident. We are sure and confirmed that the cause of the death of Mr. Alfred Amoah is a fatal road mishap. An eyewitness of the accident testify to the police and revealed how did the accident happen and what were the circumstances before the accident. Learn more about the death news and accident of Mr. Alfred Amoah in the further given section.

Bibiani MCE Death Cause

As per the unnamed person who testify to the police, a truck was heading to Accra from Kumasi but suddenly the driver of the trailer lost control and then the excel of the trailer broke a few meters away from the Birem river on the highway(Accra-Kumasi) in the middle of the highway and then the trailer raged into a car. Later it was found that the person in the car was no other than the Municipal Cheif Executive for Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai. The eyewitness immediately calls the police and emergency services to the scene. Scroll down the page for more details.

Bibiani MCE Accident

As per the source, Bibiani MCE Mr. Alfred Amoah and his driver died at the scene. According to the source, Mr. Alfred Amoah was in his car with registration number GC-2060-18 while the trailer was with registration number AS-4229X. When police arrived at the scene they found Mr. Alfred Amoah struck in the car. Officers identified Mr. Alfred Amoah after pulling him out of the car. Stay tuned to this website for more exclusive reports and updates.


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