One of the famous writers Jamie Lynn Spears is under fire from her former Zoey 101 co-star, Alexa Nikolas. As all of us know that Jamie is a very prominent writer of Things I Should Have Said and now she is appearing in the headlines. The latter has accused the 30-year-old of lying in her new biography.

What Happened to Alexa Nikolas

She leveled the allegations on her Instagram profile, which was followed by drama. Let us also tell you that “Too Fab” reported that Jamie Lynn later accused her breakout with Alexa Nikolas of feeling “left out” on the Nickelodeon Zoey 101 filming location.

What Happened To Alexa Nikolas?

Not only this, but Jamie further adds that Nikolas must have to feel the same way that she felt after knowing that he come closer to Kristin Herrera. Along with it, she also accused Nikolas of spreading rumors about the former being “mean”.

Talking about her statement, it reads “I began to suspect that she was interested in having me thrown off the show in the hopes they could make Alexa the star”. Along with it, a news source also claimed that Britney Spears confronted Nikolas about the same topic for her behavior on the sets.

Britney Spears also said, “If she continues to treat people the way she did to Jamie Lynn, she won’t keep the job”. After the conflict, Nikolas left the show in the second season, saying that she was compelled on set. In reaction, Jamie Lynn blamed Nikolas for doing it to “get attention”.

Later, a 29-year-old Hidden Hills actress accused Jamie Lynn Series of lying up a storm as well as also blamed Jamie as a bully. Let us also tell you that Nikolas also added that she thought the relationship between the two was fine.

Later, it has been also claimed that Jamie Lynn tried to use her for the Zoey 101 music video. Not only this, but Nikolas also decided to speak up about what happened to her. Then, she expressed curiosity as to why it took long for Jamie Lynn to address the issue if she is irritated from it.

However, the actress was happy to see Jamie Lynn “finally apologize, so she forgave him”. Now, the matter between both become very viral on social media and many people shows their interest to know more information related to both of them.


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