What Happened In Between Cyan Boujee and Bramzey Riches? Domestic Abuse Viral Video and Photos: Cyan Boujee, the social media influencer, and Bramzey Riches, reportedly the social media influencer’s boyfriend, have been in trend on social media platforms for a few days. On 15 July, Cyan Boujee shared one of the posts through her social media account and told about her ex-boyfriend’s behavior with her claiming that he abused her. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Cyan Boujee and Bramzey Riches

Why are Cyan Boujee and her boyfriend in trend?

Recently, Cyan Boujee and her boyfriend are trending on social media platforms after there was news about the couple being involved in the assault and abuse, and now Cyan Boujee and her boyfriend Bramzey Riches are in a sticky situation. They both are stuck in a sticky situation because of what Bramzey Riches did to Cyan Boujee.

On 15 July, Cyan Boujee shared on her social media platforms that she was assaulted and abused by her own boyfriend Bramzey Riches. In the statement, Cyan Boujee said that her boyfriend Bramzey Riches could not move on from their break-up and when he got to know that Cyan Boujee is looking for someone else to date, he went to meet her and started to assault and abuse her.

What was the statement of Cyan Boujee?

Cyan Boujee shared her statement on her social media account by writing that she was physically assaulted by her boyfriend Bramzey Riches. According to Cyan Boujee, her boyfriend had not accepted their departure and did not move on from their relationship. When Bramzey Riches got to know, that Cyan Boujee is looking for a new partner, he went to her and started to assault and abuse her. However, Bramzey Riches is in police custody after Cyan Boujee filed a complaint against the man.

The statement by Cyan Boujee is rapidly being viral on social media platforms, and a lot of people have reacted to the statement by saying that the behavior of Bramzey should never be done to any girl or even a boy in such conditions.

Cyan Boujee and Bramzey Riches Viral Video and Photos

Cyan Boujee is one of the most famous social media influencers from South Africa. She is also a model, YouTuber, make-up artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Cyan Boujee started her YouTube channel in the month of December 10, 2019. On the YouTuber channel of Cyan Boujee, the audience usually gets to see the make-up tutorials and beauty tips that feature different brands by the social media influencer. Cyan Boujee suggests excellent products to her admirers and viewers, not only through her YouTube videos but also from her Instagram account. Cyan Boujee usually posts a lot of her photos on her Instagram account.


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