What Happened Between Hugo Hammond and Lottie Lion? Love Island Star Controversy Explained: Today, we will be talking about the stars from the reality TV show known as Love Island, Hugo Hammond, and Lottie Lion who have been involved in a controversy on social media platforms. This has made their fans in a state of confusion and amazement. The duo had been in the show for quite a while and they have a lot of fans as well. Let’s look at what the controversy is. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Hugo Hammond and Lottie Lion

What Happened Between Hugo Hammond and Lottie Lion?

The pair has been in controversy, Hugo was an islander in the 7th season of the famous show, Love Island. The show premiered on the 28th of June 2021 on ITV2.  Lottie participated in the American reality TV show known as The Apprentice which aired in 2019.


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The duo is very famous and has been on reality shows many times. Recently, they a conflict that was shared by Lottie in her story which happened because her followers had requested her to do it. She then revealed what went on between the two. It was mentioned that Hugo had asked her out in December, for a hangout. They were going along pretty well in the beginning and even had drinks to share as they were talking and sharing their experiences of being on a TV show.

Hugo Hammond and Lottie Lion Controversy

However, things got awkward when Hugo tried to kiss her, not just once but three times even though she had no intention of a kiss. Then he yelled at her when she pushed her off and said that she had wasted not just her time but money as well. He had even got her drunk. He shouted and said that he is way beyond her and then walked off to the crowd of young teen girls and even forced them to kiss each other.

This can only say one thing about Hugo and that was that he was being arrogant about his fame and thought that he was the only big shot there and could do whatever he wants. The sort of behavior exercised by him was really unfitting for a celebrity, as he must be seen as a role model by many youngsters. Consent is very important if you really want to go forward with a relationship. Forcing someone out of their will is not expected of a celebrity, anyone, for that matter.

This is not the only time that Hugo has been involved in such a controversy. It has happened before as well. It is difficult to believe that he was a teacher. Stay tuned for more updates on the controversy.


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