One of the most loving and popular platforms in the world, TikTok has become a part of many lives and almost every single person is using this platform for creating some exciting videos. Along with this, the users are capturing huge attention after their video got into fame.

Who Are Brooke and Jacob?

There are lots of individuals even couples who are creating such amazing videos for their fans and becoming popular personalities. There is a couple on the platform named Brooke Roberts and Jacob Stephens. They both are running a joint account on TikTok known as Brooke and Jacob.

What Happened Between Brooke and Jacob?

Now, a couple is becoming a hot topic on social media because of their recent video. According to the sources, the influencers are revealing that they are going to be separate and ready to on their own way. The couple came into the headlines after they create their joint account with the username @Brookeandjacob. Both, Jacob and Brooke are adored and a lovely couple on TikTok.

Along with this, people used to talk about the bond as they had in their relation. They captured the huge attention of the people around the country and were loved by many fans. It is also heartbreaking for many fans that the couple is separating and going on their own way.

So, let’s check out recent details of the separation of a couple and wants to know the reason behind their breakup.

Brooke Roberts and Jacob Stephens Breakup Up?

Well, Jacob and Brooke are the popular couples on the TikTok platform. They both runs a joint TikTok page with the username @brookeandjacob.

In August 2019, she shared a video on the TikTok account with her boyfriend, Jacob that went viral on social media with more than 2 million views. As per the sources, Brooke had been dating Arkansas University baseball player Jacob.

They have been dating for quite a long time. They create their dancing, lip-sync, and comedy videos on TikTok that have more than 2.1 million fans. Along with this, Jacob is also sponsored by the fitness supplement brand Planfuel.

As per their latest video, Brooke and Jacob have decided to go on their own separate ways. They shared a video on their official platform to reveal that they are breaking up. Well, this is not clear that it is just a temporary breakup or permanent but the rumors are circulating that they have decided their own way.

After this news went viral among their fans, many fans reacted to this decision and wrote several messages. Brooke Roberts has around 193K followers on his Instagram account and Jacob Stephens has around 73K followers.


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