What Happened Between Anita Sefa Boakye and Barima Osei Mensah’s marriages? Allegedly Divorces Details: Hi guys! Today we have brought you the news of the alleged separation of Anita Sefa Boakye from her husband Barima Osei Mensah after being married for over a year. Their wedding was so grand that it was talked about all over the town. Barima is also the owner of Adinkra Pie and that was the reason that he could afford the grand style of wedding. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Anita Boakye Wedding

 Anita Sefa Boakye and Barima Osei Mensah’s marriages

The popular blogger from the US known as Tutugyagu mentioned that Anita had returned all the drinks that were given by Barima family members to indicate that the family had to stop doing that and that she is not a part of that marriage that lasted for only a small period of 9 months.

The report from the blogger was that there was a person from the inside who was close to the married couple and revealed the controversial and very shocking information to her in hints and not directly. He also said that it was the right decision to leak the information as it was in accordance with her standard operating procedure. The public announcement of the couple’s breakup is going to be a big shocker to the people from Ghana, as stated by the blogger.

Anita Sefa Boakye Weeding End?

In the month of November the last year even though the mother Anita had tied the nuptial knot with Barima Osei, in a grand ceremony that was talked about everywhere on social media platforms in Ghana. There were many people who congratulated the couple on the joyous occasion. However, something else was written in their destiny for them and they look as if they will be parting ways.

The unknown person who had spread the information to the blogger also told her that the couple was involved in a very heated argument. Anita was very blunt in her way of talking and she told her fiance that the lavish wedding was financed by her solely to make her ex-husband feel envy and guilt and it looked like it had worked as well. This may be the reason that the couple has been breaking off as it was only a temporary agreement from Anita and she was not committed fully to it.

But, whatever the case maybe it is obvious that their families have to suffer for a decision that was not made with their involvement. Barima was also seemingly unhappy ever since the marriage because Anita seemed to not respect him as the head of the house.


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