Social media is one of the places where you can see weird trends and users are following these trends blindly. Yes, like every time here is another trend we are found as ‘3rd World’. Surprisingly for the past few days, users on TikTok is getting crazy and using this caption and hashtag. The interesting thing about this viral trend is that there is no one who can explain it briefly. But here we going to explore some of the information and tell you about what it’s meaning?


What is Viral TikTok Trend ‘3rd World’?

Like everyone we are also confused about this caption ‘3rd World’. So after getting knowledge about it, we started to research. Currently, there are millions of users who are confused and looking for the actual reason behind the word ‘3rd World’.

So as per our knowledge, the word ‘3rd World’ is not about anything else. But it is actually about a song. The track is 3rd World Free Boski Turnt Up by Lil Blood Feat. Lil Goofy, and it’s gone viral on TikTok. In this track, the singer has repeatedly said the word ‘3rd World’.

The latest viral challenge is getting huge popularity among users. Many users is having interested in this challenge and made video following this trend. The challenge will be completed with the support of your friends. Passing your phone to your friend is part of this trend and you will know how to do it through seeing a video.

Now talking about the word which is using in this track and this viral TikTok trend also. The word ‘3rd World’ is not representing anything else but even describes a developing country. The country is suffering from poverty and other circumstances.

It is an outdated term of economics to describe a developing country. As we supposing now you have got an answer for you query regarding what is TikTok trend ‘3rd World’. The singer Lil Blood is referring Third World.


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