The final reports of the Delhi Government clearly said that the entire Delhi will be shut down on weekends from Friday to Monday. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the weekend lockdown in Delhi today and from Friday, all the people have to follow the rules and regulations. During the weekend lockdown, only essential activities will be planned to do with proper precautions of the virus. The rising case in Delhi is very high in the last week and this is the reason the government of Delhi planned to again lock down the entire Delhi with proper precautions.

delhi weekend lockdown

Again, the pass will be distributed in which Auditoriums, restaurants, malls, gyms, and spas will be completely shut down. Apart from this, movie theatres will be allowed with a third of the capacity on weekends. Let us also tell you that eating outside is banned and only home deliveries are allowed. The weekly markets will be also opened but with restrictions. If we talk about the number of cases then it is more than last year. Apart from this, Kejriwal also said that all social, religious, or political stand banned in Delhi. The number of people who will be joined weddings is 50 and only 20 people will be allowed at funerals.

In a video, Arvind Kejriwal said that “These restrictions are for your sake, for you and your families. It will be inconvenient but these restrictions are necessary to break the chain of transmission”. The highest peak of COVID-19 cases in Delhi covered on Wednesday is 17,282. This figure makes Delhi the second city that counts the highest number of cases on a single day. Also, 100 people died due to the virus yesterday. The rate of people who test positive is increased to 16% from 12.4% on Monday. If we talk about the last highest spike in Delhi then it covers November 2019.

So far, there are 50,736 active cases in Delhi and in India, the number of cases hit the new record of over two lakh new cases in 24 hours. In an interview, Kejriwal also said that lockdown is the not correct way to stop the spread of the virus and that’s why the hospital system has to do something to stop the number of cases counted in India. Now, the weekend lockdown is the only way that the government applied in the entire Delhi with full precautions. To slow down the number of cases covered in the country. So, if you want to go out in the lockdown period then you need to get a pass from the government.


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