In CPBL Exhibition Series 2021, team Wei Chuan Dragons played against the team Unity 7- Eleven Lions on 6th May. The team WCD has played a total of 5 matches in the league where they have won 3 matches and lost 2 matches in the tournament. The team has recently played a match against the team Fuban Guardians where they scored 7 points and the opponent team stuck at zero and lost the match.  The team WCD is at second position in the league standings.

On the other side, the team Unity 7-Eleven Lions has played a total of 5 matches in the league where they have won 2 matches and lost 3 matches so far. The team UL has recently played a match against the team CTBC Brothers where the opposing team scored 4 points and team UL stuck at 1 point and lost the match. The team UL is at third position in the league standings. Let’s take a look at the live score of teams.


WCD Vs UL CPBL Live Score:

Match:  WCB Vs CPBL Exhibition Series 2021
Date: 6th May
Time: 04:30 pm

WCD Squad:

Lin Yi- Teng, Chen Yang, Kao Huai, Giljegiljaw Kungkuan, Chang Ming, Niu Kai, Wei Chuan, Chiang Hung, Tazawa Junichi, Jake Brigham, Chen Hsun, Drew Gagnon, Liu Shih-Hao, Bryan Woodall, Chung Sheng, Tseng Jung, Chen Kuan, Huang Tung, Lin Wang, Cheng Hsein, Lu Yung-Chen, Chen Liang-Hsein, Chuang Yu-Pin, Tseng Chuan- Sheng, Wang shun-Ho, Chang-Yu, Liu-Chia-Jen

UL Squad:

Felix Doubront, Wei Chieh, Chieh Hung, Chang Chun, Fang Chien, Lin Yuan, Wu Cheng, Wang Ching, Gu Lin, Cheng Kai, Su Chih-Wei, Shih Tzu, Lin Hang, Kuo Fu-Lin, Lin- Wei, Chen Yu, Wu Chieh, Pan Wu, Chiu Chih, Luo Guo, Li Cheng, Yang Chun, Teddy Stankiewicz, Pan Wei, Brock Dykxhoorn, Chang Wei, Cheng Chun, Chen Yun, Huang Chun, Fu Yu-Kang

WCD Vs UL dream 11 Prediction:

The forward players of team WCD will be Hsu Jo-Hsi and Chuan Hao-Wei who has scored 2 goals in the last match. Both of them have played many attacking inning in the tournament. Hey Jo-Hsi will be the team captain. The defender player will be Chung Sheng who has scored 1 goal and saved 2 goals in last played matches.

The team UL key played will be Shih Tzu, Lin Hang, and Kuo Fu-Lin who has played the best inning in the tournament. The midfield player will be Shih Tzu who has scored 2 goals in the match. There are higher chances of team WCD winning today’s match. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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