The award function is the only show that loved by all the people because it has no story and no daily soup drama. Recently, another brilliant and most genuine award function is on the way to entertain all the people. Yes, we are talking about Zee Marathi Utsav Natyancha Awards that will be airing on the television very soon on Zee Marathi. Everyone knows that Zee Marathi is one of the most talented television channels that well-known by millions of people across the country not only in Maharashtra. The award function is only organized to give honour to all the talented actors and popular shows.

Utsav Natyancha Awards 2021

Always the show loved by millions of people across the state and the country because the fanbase of Marathi television series is highlighting from the entire country. Now, Zee Marathi Utsav Natyancha Awards is all set to entertain all the people and the voting process is started and all the people who love the shows can vote for their favourite shows. You just need to visit the official website which is The name of the shows that will be nominated for the award functions is given below. If you want to give you a vote for any of the shows then you need to click on the name of the show and then click on the vote.

The name of the television shows that are nominated for the award function is:-

  • Maza hoshil Na
  • Karbhari Laybhari
  • Ky Ghadl Tya Ratri
  • Agg Bai Sasybai
  • Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla
  • Dev Manus
  • Ladaachi Mein Lek ga

The award function always entertains all the people a lot just because they giving honour to the actors who talented in their work. Apart from this, the functions also giving respect to all the television shows that are very superb in the terms of story, direction, and many more.

If we talk about the date of the Grand award function then it is scheduled for 28th March 2021. The fans who want to give their votes also vote for their favourite television series and actors by just give a missed call. All the people are very extremely waiting for the award function because they want to know the winner of the award function who grabs the awards. So, Zee Marathi Utsav Natyancha Awards will be very fantastic and brilliant to watch. Don’t miss the award function because it will be airing on television on 28th March 2021. Stay connected with us to know more about the function.


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