A woman from Mississippi shocked everyone by doing an activity on a live stream. The woman claims that the incident has happened last year when the entire world facing the lockdown. She claims that she suddenly started the live stream without being aware of it, she was doing a romp episode with her husband and around 46 people watched the live stream.

Woman Live-Streams Romp Episode With Her Husband

Not only this, but among 46 people, her father also tuned in to watch and he was shocked to see such activities on the live stream. The incident put the woman into depression for a week and she cried a lot over her mistake.

Woman Live-Streams Romp Episode With Her Husband

Currently, the woman is active on TikTok account with a username @rrobberson16, where she shared a video clip in which she appearing poker-faced and wrote a caption that “Randomly remembering that one-time last year when I accidentally went live on Facebook while I was in pound town, and 46 people saw it, including my own father. I cried for a week straight”. As we all know this kind of activity appeared in huge quantity last year as every person led their life inside their homes and started working from home.

This is not the only incident that got attention from the netizens, a high school teacher was also caught having sexual intercourse with her husband on a Zoom Meeting. Not only this, but her colleagues to make her aware that her Zoom video is open. Now, the name of the Mississippi woman is not yet disclosed but it is believed that she is a mother of one. She further confessed that “I thought my life was over.

My husband still thinks it’s hilarious”. The user further mentioned that she was onetime casually browsing Facebook when her husband quipped on her. Then, both got busy playing together and she had accidentally selected the option to go Live on Facebook.

As soon as her best friend understands what is happening, he starts calling her but she ignores his calls and enjoys with her husband with full enthusiasm. The viewers who watched the live stream did not get a visual broadcast but the moaning and sighs of the couple clearly indicated that they both played together erotically.

The confession video of the user has crossed 1,75,000 views and everyone shows their sympathies to the woman and filled the comment box with their heart-felt messages.


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