After receiving a report of a fatal crash accident on the IH-45 NORTH Southbound, police rushed to the spot and handled the situation. Since the incident took place, both lanes of the road had been blocked due to the massive vehicle accident on I-45 in Spring. According to the police reports, the incident took place at around 09:00 PM on the Southbound main lanes of I-45 near Louetta Road. Along with this, a woman lost her life after being struck by a vehicle. Due to the accident, the road was blocked and the lanes were closed for a few hours.Woman Died After Struck By A Vehicle On I-45

According to the IH-45 North Traffic Twitter page, they have been sharing all the details of the accident and telling their followers about all the updates. The last tweet was made before 6 hours reads,” IH-45 NORTH Southbound At LOUETTA RD – Accident – Status: Cleared at 12:01 AM”. The first responder rushed to the spot and found a female who had been struck multiple times by several different vehicles. Well, it is still unknown why the woman was in the roadway? Police are trying to know the exact cause of this incident and investigating the case.

Woman Died After Struck By A Vehicle On I-45

When the incident took place, police responded to a call and rushed to the scene after which, ambulance and fire emergency services were also rushed to the spot to handle the situation. Well, it is still unclear what was the reason behind this tragic accident and how did it happen?

The Southbound Lanes of I-45 will be closed for an extended period of time into the early morning hours. Later, all the traffic is being redirected to the frontage road. Well, the police didn’t share the details of the deceased but the sources reveal that the deceased was a woman who lost her life after suffering from several major injuries.

Maybe, the officials are still investigating the incident and trying to find out the details regarding the family of the woman. IH-45 North Traffic Twitter page shared all the updates to the followers so, they avoid the route to don’t create the traffic. Well, the police didn’t reveal many details about the incident and tried to figure out the CCTV footage of the incident. Well, some videos and photos from CCTV surveillance have been circulating on social media. Keep in touch with us to know more details here.


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