Nowadays, the fights between relationships has been increased but not every relation ended up as Island Boy end his relation with Montaisha Shanell. The girl has accused the rapper of assault. Not only this, but the rapper also upload the video of his girlfriend in pain after beating her.

Who Is Island Boy Girlfriend Montaisha

Let us tell you that the girl is widely prominent as the girlfriend of famous rapper Kodiyakredd aka Franky Venegas. The news has become very viral all over the internet in which several people take a stand for the girl as it is not an appropriate way to behave with a girl even she is your girlfriend.

Who Is Island Boy Girlfriend Montaisha?

Let us tell you that The Island Boys, Kodiyakredd, and his twin brother Flyysoulja come into the trend after a freestyle hot-tub rap of them went viral on the internet. The song quickly hit the internet, where two tattoo-covered Florida boys can be seen showcasing their rap styles.

The video clip of Island Boy Kodiyakredd’s girlfriend Montaisha Shanell has circulated a few days ago. Apparently, Montaisha has had enough of his misbehavior and decides to fight back with him. She shared a series of posts through her Instagram post which has now been deleted.

But Def Noodles reposted the screenshot, as well as one captured from an Instagram live stream. A girl named Montaisha locked herself inside the bathroom and went live on Instagram to show her followers that she was beaten up by her boyfriend or a famous rapper.

Not only this, but she also shared a bruise lip picture on her account. Along with it, she further add on the caption “Lemme show you what it’s like to be an Island Girl beat on every day treated like nothing. Don’t believe the fairy tale they sell you”.

Island Boy Kodiyakredd was caught on tape fighting with his girlfriend, Montaisha Shanell. There are several videos showing abusive language between the two, which are often captured on Instagram Live. Montaisha mostly shoots live videos and in one of her Instagram Lives, Kodiyakredd is seen shouting at her.

In April 2021, a video of Island Boy Kodiyakredd being beaten up by his girlfriend Montaisha was leaked to YouTube. Now, many people are supporting her as her boyfriend beaten her up but the cause behind this terrifying fight is not clear yet. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to some upcoming trending topics.


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