Every single moment internet is becoming the witness of something unexpected and something interesting. Same as every time here we have a very interesting story to share with you in this report. Utah Jazz dancer’s proposal video goes viral on social media.

viral video

The girl who appears in the video is Danielle Bush who is a Utah Jazz dancer. The video won millions of hearts and still getting attention among social media users. Let’s get all the details here with all the facts and key points. Discuss all the updates related to this news.

Who is Danielle Bush?

Reportedly, we found in the video that Danielle Bush’s fellow dancers knew the choreography, even as she stood shocked, attempting to copy them. Just after a moment her boyfriend entered the court and asked her to marry him. When her boyfriend came and proposed to her in front of thousands of people.

It was such a brilliant and never forgettable thing for her. Definitely, it was unexpected for her and the value of this moment nobody can assume. The surprise proposal was coordinated by Utah Jazz’s dance team director, Ashley Kelson. In an interview, she said.

It was revealed later that her boyfriend planned the moment by coordinating with choreographers and other members of the place. The video went viral over the internet and there are many people who shared the video on their social media accounts. Here many social media reactions are available that have been shared by users. You can see it below and seriously it is interesting so much.

Utah Jazz Dancer’s Proposal Video Goes Viral

Talking about how long they were dating each other then we want to tell you that there is no such information right now. When we get any update about it we will add the details immediately. Most probably the couple dating each other for 2 to 3 years.

However, we are not confirmed about this right now. Besides this, if you want to know the Wikipedia and biography then we will add the information soon.


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