Are you getting bored? here is a very interesting story waiting for you. Most probably you also know the current viral video which is all about a Cat. The viral video claims that it is a Waterproof Cat. This waterproof cat video is available on TikTok. In this video you will see a Cat is under a tap and water is continuously running on Cat. Let’s explore all the necessary details and discuss all related news.

watch video waterproof cat

After watching the video there are many people who just feeling crazy and want to get a pet cat in their life. They want to bring a family member as a Cat. Definitely, anyone gets this adorable feeling because the cat is actually looking very cute. After the research, we found that the cat’s name is Huffie. The cat Huffie got over 5 million views on the platform.

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Waterproof Cat Video On TikTok

As per the details, the video has been shared on September 8, 2021. The owner of this pet cat has made an official account of this cat which’s username is “huffietheshorthair”. This video is also shared by the same page when the cat taking shower but the water slips over hair. The body of the cat not getting wet and that’s why the owner captioned the video “waterproof”.

According to the latest info, the cat video has been viewed over 5.5 million times. The followers of this cat went crazy and the excitement and craziness can be measure through the available 800,000 comments. The video is getting viral continuously the views over this video are rising with a great number.

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Now talking about the reaction of the audience and what they commented below the video then we want to share some comments with you. Here are numerous comments which may make you laugh.

Just when users thought they had seen everything, a seemingly ‘waterproof’ cat appeared on TikTok’s horizon.

Upon watching the ‘waterproof’ cat TikTok, a baffled user named ‘samirvinga’ wrote, “when did they release waterproof cats.’

Another user named ‘Marc Sadique’ wrote, “I didn’t know British short hair is a waterproof cat.”

Are you also interested to watch the video and see this cat doing this funny thing then we want to tell you that the video is available on TikTok? Even the video is available on Instagram also. You can watch it right now. For more updates get in touch with our website.


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