Again, Sony Max stands up to the promise of providing a huge pack of entertainment to all viewers. Another world television premiere of one of the most anticipated films is set to air tonight. So, the name of the film is Voter and everyone knows that the film is full of action and thriller. The film is indeed very brilliant as the concept is loved by millions of people across the country. It is an Indian Telugu political thriller action film released on 21st June 2019. If we talk about the director then the director of the movie is G. S. Karthik Reddy and produced by Pudhota Sudheer Kumar.

Voter Movie World Television Premiere

The star cast of the film is really brilliant as the director has chosen all the personalities very carefully. The Voter World Television premiere will begin telecasting on your television screen on Saturday, May 22, 2021, at 8 pm. After viewers get the information, they thought that the weekend was going to be very exciting and entertaining. Talking of critics, the film received negative reviews after its release but it also performed well at the box office. Overall, the film was not really as successful as the producers had hoped to achieve with the project.

Now, if we talk about the names of the star cast who played the pivotal roles in the movie then the names are given below.

  • Vishnu Manchu as Gautam
  • Surbhi as Bhavana
  • Sampath Raj as Central Minister Govardhan Nayak
  • Posani Krishna Murali as M.L.A.

The plot of the film is a bit novel innovative which affects the number of viewers who have seen the film before. So, the story revolves around the plot of the re-election. The term stated that if the public is not happy with the political leader who rules the state and they did not want to wait for a span of 5 years then they re-call the elections. The lead actor Vishnu who played the role of Gautam working in US associated company return to India during the elections. After he visits India, he meets a girl Bhavna and he falls in love with her.

Gautam also expresses his all feelings for her but Bhavna puts a condition that makes the entire story extremely electrifying and thrilling. The film’s further story revolves around Gautam and his decision which makes the film more precious for the audience to watch. It will be very exciting to see how Gautam fulfills the task related to the central minister, Govardhan Nayak. If he succeeds in the task then Bhavna will ready to live her life with Gautam happily. So, Voter World Television Premiere will be airing on television at 8 PM on Saturday, May 22, 2021.


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