Recently, the worsened video has taken rounds on the internet that make people very disturbed. The video coming from Los Angeles, USA. Let us also tell you that the video has been posted by The Lice Angels for which the Head Lice experts said that after posting a stomach-churning clip of the worst case they ever dealt with.

viral video

The video shows a horrifying plague video with thousands of bugs in a little girl’s hair. As per the sources, the girl is just 13-year-old and going through this circumstance. It is actually very heartbreaking to hear this about a small girl who doesn’t even know how she can deal with this.

Viral Video Shows THOUSANDS of Head Lice in 13-year-old girl’s Hair

Talking about the video, it shows the girl sitting on the chair and she has long brown hair. On the other hand, the expert who gives her proper treatment from the situation that she is facing, spray the girl’s hair.

Not only this, but the expert wears plastic protective gloves and runs lice comb through it. Not only this but when he first sweep the comb almost hundreds of lice are caught in a single sweep. Not only this but the expert captioned the video “Don’t look you might get sick. Worst lice case ever”.

The video clearly shows how many lice were caught by the expert in the treatment. It was actually very disturbing because thousands of tiny bugs were caught by the expert from the hair of the 13-year-old girl.

The expert also mentioned the case as the worst case he dealt with ever. In the video that crawls through your skin and can make you sick, countless tiny bugs can be seen crawling through the hair and covering almost all of her scalp and creating an entire ‘ecosystem’ on the girl’s scalp.

After the video was uploaded on the internet by the expert, it gained lots of attention from the audience. Along with it, the comment box of the official video has been also filled with lots of reactions.

There are many comments available and one user wrote “Omg that scalp turned into an entire ecosystem”. On the other hand, another user wrote “I’ll simply shave my hair if I had that”. Now, the video getting viral continuously and engaging many people to watch the full video in which the girl is appearing with thousands of lice on her hair.


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