Husky Dog In China Knows “How To Cook Rice”:We see several unique and wired things on social media, now a video has come on the web and gone viral. This video has gained a good amount of view. The video is of a pet dog. Six years old Husk named Lucky from China has gone viral for cooking rice for his owner when he was away. This video is getting viral on the web. People are searching for videos to gain information about this. Those people who have not watched the video are also searching for the video. This video is creating interest on social media to watch. Let’s continue the article.

Husky Dog In China Knows How To Cook Rice For Its Owner


According to South China Morning Post, Lucky’s owner, Zhou, had washed the rice and left it in the rice cooker before he left the house to buy groceries. He was late, he asked the help from Lucky to cook rice. The video is fully interesting and cute as well. If you will see the video, so it starts with Lucky lying down on his belly but he shoots straight up after hearing the voice of his owner. Scroll down the page to know more information about the video, which is making a big round of controversy. Husky Dog In China Knows “How To Cook Rice”:

Who Is The Husky Dog Owner?

Furthermore, “Lucky it will take him a long time to queue for the COVID-19 test. Can he press the power switch for the electric cooker to start?”  Zhou was listened to asking through his home surveillance system in the video. Apart from this, Zhou explained that Lucky is very talented and a fast learner. “The cooker, which was the electric device, not a power strip. The nearby one”, Zhou repeated to guide the pup.

He guided him to do the work and Lucky was also trying to follow all the instructions, according to the video. Moreover, Lucky lastly presses the right button and the rice starts cooking. “How wonderful! will prepare tasty food for him when she comes back home,” he told lucky as a reward. “he had to spend plenty of time teaching the pet dog before he could reach this result.”

Apart from cooking rice, he knows many tasks to do, from turning on light switches and traps to flushing the toilet. We have told you several things about the video, which is getting viral on social media. If you have not watched the video, so you should watch the video. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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