The South-Korean survival drama Squid Game literally exploded online and broke all the records of viewership in 2021 for Netflix. So, the name is widely prominent all over the internet and all the netizens are totally obsessed with it. As everyone knows that, netizens make it highly popular on the internet by creating memes and a huge fanbase.

twin sisters create sqaid game pink soldire

Now, another video has been hitting the trending section on several social media platforms and garnering lots of attention from the audience and many people continuously talk about this video that went viral on social media.

Twin Sisters Recreate Squid Game Pink Soldier Track Video

the clip of the twin girls creates a sensation on the internet. In the short clip, twin girls Kiran and Nivi can be seen recreating the popular track from the Squid Game, Pink Soldier. As we can see in the video that two twin girls appear in the video standing in front of the camera holding an iPad with the drama’s poster, the girls harmonized in sync and created an acapella version of the chilling track. The way the girls performed in perfect harmony with each other was adorable. The video continuously gets viral on social media and makes everyone curious to watch it.

After the video come in front of everyone, the comment section was filled with lots of comments and reactions from the audience. We know that the trend of viral videos will never get down and millions of people give their support when they get any interesting video or content on social media. A user wrote in the comment section “The talent you guys have is on another level! Too good”. Another guy wrote that “You guys are awesome”.

There are several comments and appreciable messages that appeared in the comment box. Now, the video also continuously hits the trending section in which both twin girls get much attention from the audience. They both are actually very cute and increase the madness among the audience to watch the full video of them. Now, both twins collect lots of love from the netizens.


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