Nowadays internet is a place where anything goes viral because of some unique things and people love it and share it on various social media platforms. This time a football is looking like a late rapper Pop Smoke whose real name was Bashar Barakah Jackson. The celebrity is looking like the player and every fan is amazed to see the basketball player in the video. Here are the details that you should read about it and get all the updates. So let begin the article and get all the details.

Tristan Thompson On Pop Smoke Comparison

Now as you know the fans are saying that the basketball player is looking like a rapper. But on another side, some feels that the player was being disrespectful towards the later rapper. His video is getting viral over the internet in which he is saying something about the late rapper. There are many things you will know after watching the video.

Tristan Thompson On Pop Smoke Comparison As Video Goes Viral

Tristan’s interview video has garnered a lot of reaction after social media users started drawing comparisons between him and Bashar. In this interview, a Canadian basketball player appeared wearing tight cornrows along with a velour jacket that was paired with square frames. The video has been shared by the Sacramento Kings named official Twitter page where the video has been viewed by people more than 1.6 million times at the of writing.

After watching the video there were many people show shared the comment and some of the fans are commented that he should not disrespect the later rapper. One tweeted, “Don’t ever disrespect pop smoke like this” while Another user who wanted the video to be taken down wrote, “delete immediately”. However, it is not the wrong thing that the video is not interesting and because of the amazingness it is viral over the internet and fans share the video on their social handles too.

After the interview, he is getting attention from the users and they commented below the post. Definitely, everybody was amazed to see the interview and it is natural. You check teh social media on the internet and read the comments below the post. If you want to know more details then you can get the detail from the article in the upcoming days also because we will add the information later which is currently not available here.


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