Another interesting and amazing movie coming to entertain all the people by introducing a very romantic story. Yes, To All The Boys 3 will be going to release on Netflix. The full name of the movie is To All the Boys: Always and Forever and all the people who watch the previous parts of the movie are love the concept. The makers of the movie are very excited to release the movie before the occasion of Valentine’s Day because they want to give a genuine story to all the couples. The director of the movie is Michael Fimognari who gives his outstanding and perfect direction to make the story more beautiful and worth watching. Now, all the fans who watched the last parts are want to know what will happen in the last or third part of Lara and Peter’s romance.

To All The Boys Always And Forever

If we talk about the release date of To All The Boys: Always And Forever then the movie will be airing on Netflix from 12th February 2021. The makers supposed to release the third part of the movie in September 2020 but it was a tie with the Back-to-School season. But now the wait of the fans is over and the movie is all set to take its grand release on the most prominent OTT Platform Netflix. Before valentine’s Day, all the couples will get a very romantic story of a long-distance relationship between the two of most favorite personalities named Lara and Peter.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever Movie Review

The official finally announced the concept that revolves around “As Lara Jean Covey prepares for the end of high school and the beginning of adulthood, a pair of life-changing journeys lead her to redefine life with her family, friends, and Peter who is graduating. Will look like the following. In the senior year of high school, Lara returns to Korea from a family trip to Jean and contemplates her college plans – with and without Peter”.

Now, all the fans are very extremely waiting for the upcoming movie to know the entire or complete story of the love life of Lara and Peter. It will be very interesting to see the distance between the relationship of both. In the first and second part, we saw the starting of love and the adolescence age of Lara and Peter.

Now, we will be going to see the adult period or college life of Lara and Peter. So, just wait for few days and then watch the fabulous story with lots of romance and drama to increase the enthusiasm among viewers.


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