There is another breaking coming and a video went viral a few moments back. You will be surprised to know that the video was about a man yelling at her daughter’s friend just because not wearing a mask in the room. The TikTok user is graccxx whose father appearing in the video. Here is the complete news about the viral video and what was actually happened. So let’s begin the report to know all the details.


When you will watch the video you will see that they were both sits on the bed talking just a few moments later the father came into the room. he starts yelling at the graccxx’s friend for not wearing a mask in the room. She has more than 11 million views on the video.

TikTok User ‘GRACCXX’S’ Video of Bf Being Yelled

The video’s on-screen caption sets the scene for the drama that ensues in it. The caption reads, “My roommate’s dad harassing my boyfriend for not wearing a mask in my own room.”. You will see him saying that police are on the way and there will be a need for this video.

Her father asks her friend that do you speak English. He replies that I don’t then her father tells him so which language you speak. I don’t know where you are from but I just want you to leave the house right now and go back to your country. The whole incident is terrible and shocking for all the people who suddenly watch the video. Her friend is scared so much and just sitting on the place quietly.

In the comments of the video, Grace further claimed, “the roommate was defending her parents and her mom put her hands on me, trying to stop me from recording.”

In the video he was her boyfriend who take this situation calmly. After seeing the video many people commented below the video and wrote some comments like “Bro has insane self-control my anger would take over so fast.”. While another person wrote, “The amount of patience in this video is astounding, he won without having to put a single finger on him.”


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