Content published by transgender influencers on TikTok has been condemned by campaigners who have proclaimed that youngsters are being ‘brainwashed’ by videos that promote varying lovemaking as ‘cool’. Transgender influencers usually carry to social media to deliver guidance on how to transform and access hormone treatment.

TikTok slammed for 'brainwashing' children with pro-trans content

So far, the video has been watched by millions of users and it getting viral. Already millions of people watched the video and many people continuously searching to know some key details about the incident that is going on. Now, if you want to watch videos that indicate these types of terms then several videos are available on the internet.

TikTok Slammed for ‘Brainwashing’ Children

The motive of the transgender users clearly shows that they are influencing other youngsters to become transgender after surgery. Not only this but the app TikTok become one of the most important topics for parents who are concerned for their children. Yes, TikTok has become one of the most downloaded apps in the UK last year.

This is fueling a social transition of stress on effective youth and addiction in adolescents who determine as trans. According to TikTok’s own data, more than a quarter of British TikTok users are aged 15 to 25, and children between the ages of four and 15 who sign up spend an average of 69 minutes on the app each day.

An analysis by some big sources on Sunday revealed that the video with the hashtag #Trans has garnered over 26 billion views. To promote this content, TikTok signed a collaboration with controversial gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender privileges charity Stonewall earlier this year.

A popular transgender TikTok influencer, Bella Fitzpatrick, extended £20,000 from followers in less than three months to finance private gender-reassignment surgery. The 19-year-old has 700,000 followers and describes the evolution procedure, including his experience bypassing the NHS waiting list.

Another is 18-year-old Alex Consani, who has over 680,000 followers. She went viral five years ago when, at the age of 12, Cosmopolitan magazine featured her life as a trans model. A video of her, viewed 2.3 million times, tells supporters they are ‘an estrogen pill a glimmer away’.

A ‘light up’ is a mental, physical and emotional change for the better. A channel featuring the influential Jason Jovet shows the procedure of evolution and reparations surgery. Now, many people start raising their voices.


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