Finally, the prominent film Tigers which featured Emraan Hashmi in the lead role. The world television of Tigers will be aired on this 27th December 2020 on 9:30 PM. Tigers are 2014 Indian drama film which is directed by Danis Tanovic. According to the information you can watch this WTP on the popular channel & Pictures. So as you can understand we cannot summarise all the information in just a few words so that’s why we need to go forward to explore different key points regarding this Tigers film world television premiere.


Tigers Storyline

It is a dramatic episode series and in this story, Ayan (Emraan Hashmi), a pharmaceutical salesman in Pakistan, takes on the multinational health care corporation he works for after he realizes they knowingly marketed a baby formula that’s responsible for the death of hundreds of babies every day.

Tigers Cast & Crew

This film got huge attention and good ratings over the other competitive films. Now as everyone knows if a film becomes the blockbuster movie among different release so there may be a brilliant star cast absolutely. In Tigers, you can watch Emraan Hashmi and Geetanjali Thapa as the lead actors of this story. Here is the Tigers full star cast name with their respective roles.

  • Emraan Hashmi as Ayaan
  • Geetanjali Thapa as Zainab
  • Danny Huston as Alex
  • Khalid Abdalla as Nadeem
  • Adil Hussain as Bilal
  • Maryam d’Abo as Maggie [9]
  • Satyadeep Mishra as Dr. Faiz
  • Heino Ferch as Robert
  • Sam Reid as Frank
  • Supriya Pathak as Ayan’s mother
  • Vinod Nagpal as Mustafa
  • Rubina as Nurse
  • Inayat Sood as Nurse 1
  • Kanwal Baidwan as Nurse
  • Milind Raja as Nader
  • Sanjay Panchal as Sanjay

Tigers Rating and Reviews as per IMDB

As per IMDB rating, you should watch this upcoming world television premiere of Tigers because on IMDB this film got the 7.3/10 rating by the audience. Which is such a brilliant sign to encourage you to watch this film.

Tigers World Television Premiere at &Pictures on 27th December 2020

It is the most awaited world television premiere which will finally set to be aired tonight at 9:30 PM on &Pictures. Due to the exceptional story and unique idea, this film made you weekend and never let you allow to change the before ending. If you have any query then please mention this in our comment box and if you want to give feedback then also you are allowed to comment below this post.


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