Recently, another video has taken rounds on the internet in which Island Boy is appearing. So, another Twitter account has come to the fore in which the video gets much attention from the audience and engages millions of people to watch the video on this account.

TheVaultUncut Twitter Video

Let us also tell you that the username of the Twitter account is TheVaultUncut and there is a number of videos available to amuse all the people. Let us tell you that the Twitter account has posted a video of the duo of brothers’ unique rap style. These days they are trending on Twitter as their video is being shared by users because of some unique look of the brothers.

ThevaultUncut Twitter Video Viral

The Island Boys duo is widely known on Twitter as Thevaultuncut and users can find them on Twitter with the same username, both of which usually post improper or adult photos and this has earned them over 200K followers on the platform.

Thevaultuncut is made by two brothers named Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, these boys are grabbing everyone’s attention with their weird and unique style of rapping. Many people start searching to watch the full video of Island Boys in which they both are appearing in an inappropriate condition.

Island Boys are also known as Florida Boys have a distinctive style of rapping, their freestyle rapping caught the concentration of many people, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja are twin brothers and they are making their name noted on many platforms like that they have an account on Youtube.

ThevaultUncut Video Goes Viral Explained!

People who used to upload his rap videos, movies scenes, and vlogs, people considered his style to be weird and weird, but he has been able to gather fame all over social media. Along with it, people follow him for their prime factor that its different style and unique appearance.

Florida Boys’ new release titled Island Boy has become a game-changer in their career, as the Island Boys song was released in October, they are leading the song title and their presence also played a key role in making them more has been prominent.

The twin brothers have big tattoos on their body skin with long dreadlocks and many other physical types making them different from others. Now, one leaked video of Island Boys has went viral on the social media and many people are continuously searching to know more information related to this video.


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