The American television singing reality show, The Voice has gained massive popularity, and every year, the show comes with some talented contestants and spreads music among every watcher. Currently, the show is running on the television and showing some amazing performances of the contestants.

Wendy Moten Falls Onstage Video Viral On Social Media

On this Tuesday’s November 23, 2021 elimination round took a scary turn when one of the contestants from Blake’s team took a fall on the stage after a performance with her team. Performer Wendy Moten was on the stage with Blake Shelton and the rest of the team for their performance of “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch”. She falls down on the stage during live broadcasting.

Video: Wendy Moten Falls On Stage

According to the sources, when the performer and the contestant began to leave the stage after their performance, Moten moved backward and fell and lay down on the floor for a minute. The crew came on the stage for the help of Moten and helped her to get up.

The host Carson Daly come on the stage and handle the situation that was made while Wendy Moten falls down on the floor. Wendy Moten who turned 56 this Monday was with her coach Blake Shelton and the rest of the members including Paris Winningham and Lana Scott. After the incident took place, she was rushed quickly to her aid.

Host Caron Daly said on the stage,” We just had someone fall… We have some people to help”. Later, we saw Wendy Moten had struggled to walk on the stage while going for aid. Daly added,” Unfortunate event from Wendy Moten, who is walking off and we hope she is Okay”.

After a break, Moten assures all the viewers that she is Okay. Along with this, we also saw one of the singers eliminated from the show while ten advanced. As we can see that Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson have some advantages as they have three singers each in the top 10.

On the other side, Ariana Grande and John Legend have only two contestants in their team. There are lots of contestants who have gained a massive fan following among watchers. Joshua Vacanti from Team Legend was the first singer of the Top 10. Along with this, Hailey Mia from the Clarkson team has been voted by America.

There are the top 10 performers of The Voice Season 21 – Tom (Team Kelly Clarkson), Hailey Mia (Team Kelly Clarkson), Jeremy Rosado (Team Kelly Clarkson), Jershika Maple (Team John Legend), Joshua Vacanti (Team John Legend), Jim and Sasha Allen (Team Ariana Grande), Holly Forbes (Team Ariana Grande), Wendy Moten (Team Blake Shelton), Lana Scott (Team Blake Shelton), and Paris Winningham (Team Blake Shelton).


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