Now, for all the movie lovers, another brilliant Malayalam language drama film is all set to make its World Television Premiere on Asianet. Yes, we are talking about The Great Indian Kitchen. The movie got huge success and fame from the audience on release. The director of the movie is Joe Baby and he completely makes the entire movie very interesting and worth watching. The channel Asianet already containing a huge fanbase and regularly many people keeping their eyes on the channel to watch many movies and shows. So, The Great Indian Kitchen will be the premiere on Asianet this Sunday.

The Great Indian Kitchen

The movie is very entertaining and many people are want to watch it to see the performance of the star cast. The lead role of the movie played by Suraj Venjaramoodu and Nimisha Sajayan. The performance of the cast members is very outstanding and all the people loving it. The release date of The Great Indian Kitchen was 15th January 2021. After the release, many people who watched the trailer are want to watch the movie because they want to know the entire story and the performance of the reputed personalities. The story of the movie is also very genuine and increasing the level of interest among people.

The Great Indian Kitchen World Television Premiere

The World Television Premiere of The Great Indian Kitchen will be on 14th February 2021 at 04:00 PM IST. The story of the movie revolves around the life of a newly married wife in which she struggles to become a courteous wife and also her husband and family expect her to be. It is a Malayalam language movie and all set to air on Asianet at 4 PM this Sunday, 14th February 2021. If you want to watch the movie then you just need to wait for one day because after that you will watch the movie on Asianet.

After the release of the movie, it will be the first time, movie airing on television to entertain all the fans. So, just one day after you will get the entire story and the fabulous performance of the stars. The makers are also excited to want to see the reviews of the movie to know if the story works. Now, if you didn’t watch the movie then just wait for a while and after that, you will able to watch the entire story with the awesome performance of the prominent personalities. Stick with us for more updates about movies and shows.


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