People are always excited to know about some trend on social media and to know about this, they do search on social media and other platforms to get updates. Most of the things are still available on the Internet for people and if they don’t get anything about this, they made searches on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and also on Reddit. These are some of the best and most popular platforms on the Internet in recent days. Once again, people are searching about something which is capturing the massive attention of people around the world.

who is tcb scan

It seems that people are going curious to get all the updates of the trending topic on the Internet and make searches on Twitter and other social media platforms. According to the sources, people are following a name called “TCB Scans” and want to know what is TCB Scan and who is TCB Scan? For the last day, many netizens are following this name and wants to know why is this trending on social media and people are getting curious to get more updates about this. Here, we are going to share some details of the trending topic of the Internet.

What Is TCB Scan?

According to the sources, TCB is a type of team of translation that relates to any series, or another topic of the various manga series. Well, here are lots of people are still searching that what is the use of this. If we clear you so, there were 1084 pairs of forehead and sternum TcB measurements and corresponding TSB measurements in 384 infants. Their mean gestational age was 35.4±3.2 weeks, mean birth weight was 2434± 768 g, and TSB was 6.61± 3.56 mg/dL. Forehead and sternum TcB levels correlated well with TSB levels in the absence of phototherapy.

Another side, there is a Twitter page with the username TCB Scans and has more than 81K followers with just 6 followings. The bio of the page reads “Translation team for the various manga”. There is a link of the website as well.

TCB Scan Leaked Twitter and Reddit

Along with this, there are lots of tweets on the page that relates to one of the popular Japanese series One Piece and we have seen that the page helps to translate the chapter or episode of the series to provide to the fans of the series in another nation in different languages. Well, there is not many updates regarding to the page and along with this, the page tweeted 9 hours ago,” Chapter 1045: “Next Level” of One Piece is out! Be mindful online of official only readers!”.


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