Many people like to remark a tattoo on their bodies and it remains for entire life on their bodies. Recently, TikToker tattoo artist is going viral among people around the world after adding some undesired and shaming ink on the client. Maybe, no one wants to be exposed to sexim, especially at the workplace. Well, a popular tattoo artist and TikToker, Chelsie Taylor who decided to take her all matters in her own hands. According to the sources, a client told her once that “You tattoo well for a girl”, and maybe, it was something that didn’t sit well with her.

tiktok tattoo artist

With this, neither overreacting to the customer nor evicting him out of the place, she decided to use her abilities to take revenge on him with her tattoo skills. She applied the ink without their knowledge on his back. According to the sources, Chelsie Taylor displayed her tattoo parlor and announced the fate of her client in a 5 second viral TikTok video. Now, the video has been deleted from social media that has been watched by more than a million times. In the video, the artist claimed,” Now he has a hidden d***k on his arm”. Well, she didn’t show any photographs of her work on client’s body. Many users raised issues with her vandalizing a body of a man even suggesting that she may be sued due to her behavior with the client.

Tattoo Artist Takes Revenges on Client

Many people left their issues and comments in the comment section and a person replies in the comment while addressing the poort client,” It is very brave of him to insult the person who you consented to permanently draw something on you”. While another user wrote,” Don’t f$#k with the person who holds the scissors or the tattoo needle!”. With this, many people are concerned about whether the woman is going to face sued?

A user wrote,” Are you trying to get sued?”. Here are currently lots of controversies revolving on the Internet and people are getting curious to know about the matter. Well, here are no details about the TikToker tattoo artist and the user. Many netizens are searching the important details regarding to the artist. Those who are using TikTok and following the content creator, can read more about on her bio. Stay tuned for more updates.


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