Whenever someone talks about the aquatic videos and experience in the water, most of the people describe it as wonderful, amazing, and marvelous but along with the beauty, there are lots of creatures in the ground of the water which looks beautiful but equally dangerous. A video is grabbing the massive attention of the people around the world where a swordfish is attacking a human being in the water. The disturbing video has been watched by millions of people around the globe and gave their dangerous reactions. Keep reading to know more about the incident.

swordfish attacking

According to the experts, swordfish don’t attack until they are provoked. But recently, an old video is circulating on social media and everyone is talking about the matter. It was also believed that the video was old and now, it has been taking place among the netizens as it was recently captured the massive attention of the netizens. A 57-seconds shocking video is showing an unprovoked swordfish who is attacking a deep-sea diver off the coast of Fugro, Brazil. After the video grabbed more attention, it started to surface online and is going viral than ever before.

Swordfish Attacking Diver Video Viral

Well, the video was recorded in the deep sea and due to the pressure and blurriness, the video is not clear. But it could be easily found that a deep-sea diver is walking along the ocean floor which is about 721 ft below the surface and suddenly, a 5-ft long swordfish strikes the gas tank of the person. The attack was not just a normal one but after this, the swordfish got trapped in the scuba gas.

Along with this, it can be also seen that the swordfish was trying to thrash wildly to set itself free but it couldn’t. At the end of the video, its sword was jabbed in the diver’s gas. While, as soon as the diver realizes the swordfish from his tank and it can be also seen that he was using a thick rope to reach a platform.

According to some details, the incident took place in 2016 and the time of the incident, it was recorded by another diver who was with the victim. The video was tweeted by a user name Domenico who also wrote,” Diver gets attacked by swordfish at 721 ft (220 m) below the surface”. Now, the video has grabbed the large attention of the people on social media and after viewing the video, many netizens left shocked.


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