WATCH: Skull And Bones Gameplay Trailer Leaked Video Goes Viral On Social Media: The gaming company, Ubisoft, has released a trailer for yet another game on the 7th of July. The trailer consisted of gameplay that was never showcased before for their upcoming pirate multiplayer, Skull and Bones. The show featured a skilled craftsman who is a master at carving the figure of a female pirate out of wood in order to use it as a nautical figurehead and the details were very captivating. However, the main event was yet to make its appearance where the gamers could look into what the game has in store for them. Follow More Updates On

Skull And Bones Gameplay Trailer

Skull And Bones Gameplay Trailer

The showcase was a display of not just the gameplay trailer but also the story that will be involved in the story of Skull and Bones. The story is of a poor man who wants to make a new life for himself after he went on board a pirate vessel. The visuals were amazing and the boat was seen to be thrown around in a big storm that surrounded the ocean. He is then landed on new land where he knows nothing and the only thing that was driving was his will.

The gaming fans were also given the chance to meet the developers of the game before the actual gameplay was shown. The game is developed by Ubisoft Singapore and is going to be the first AAA title made by Ubisoft Singapore. Since it was their first-ever AAA title they were really eager to show off the game.

Skull And Bones Gameplay Trailer Video

The date of the launch of the game was also confirmed at the event. The game will be released on November 8, 2022. The game also had a new direction in which the plot was darker, grittier and a more realistic fantasy game based on the world of pirates, It will be an unforgiving world of pirates where the dangers seem to be lurking around every corner and there are various enemies that are ready to target you and some of them may not even be seen until they get you.

The developers also discussed the building of a fleet where players can set sail and every experience should feel like a new and challenging experience for the gamers. You will start with nothing and will have to gather everything after the game starts. The players will be gaining infamy as they progress through the game.

There is also the concept of Naval combat and the team is working to make sure that it works smoothly. There will be a lot of weapons available in the game and it is up to the player as to how much he wants to progress. There is going to be a co-op mode as well as a battle royale sort of mode known as Compagnie Royale. This game has created a lot of hype and only time will tell how much the game will be loved by the gamers,


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