Australian Prime Minister, Scott Marrison has become a topic on the Internet after a recent car accident. Many people and loved ones are familiar with this incident. Yes, you heard right that a security team of the Scot Marrison is involved in the car crash when the PM was on the campaign trail in Tasmania, according the police report. According to the sources, the car of security team overturned after an accident with another car during the campaign trail. The incident took place on Thursday, April 14, 2022 and almost four officers of the team were taken to the hospital with no-life threatening injuries.

Scott Morrison Accident Video

The reports says that when Australia’s PM Scott Morrison was on the campaign trail in Tasmania ahead of May 21 elections, a car of security team overturned after collided with another car, said the state’s police through a statement. Later, the trail was stopped after he reported about the accident and let us tell you that Morrison was not involved or injured in the crash. The PM desrcibed the officers who protect him and his family as “Selfness, Professional and incredibly generous. I hope to hear further good news about their condition”. said in a statement.

Scott Morrison Car Accident

Police told that when the vehicle in which the officer were travelling has badly damaged and the details of the security injuries were “non-life threatening”. Along with this, the Scott Morrison office told that all those officers were conscious when they were tranferred to the hospital from the site. Well, the police is investigating the crash but it appeared that the another car crashed to the unmarked police car while trying to merge lanes.

Well, it is not cleared yet that the security car was following the PM’s vehicle when the crash took place. After this mishappening, the emergency services rushed to the spot to handle the situation and save the officers if they strucked in the car. Many people are trying to search the video of the incident and few images are still available on social media.

Scott Morrison Car Accident Full CCTV Footage Video

Police didn’t share much details about the incident and the investigation is going on. Now, all the officers are receiving treatment in the hospital and maybe, there will be no change in the upcoming rallies of the PM. Stay tuned for more updates.


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