Unfortunately, we get shocking news of an incident that happened in a railway station. The incident that happened in the railway station was a mistake that didn’t go on to become a major accident only because of the officer who was available there on his duty. Let us also tell you that the incident has happened with an elder woman passenger. Many people available at the railway station become afraid for the woman and many other people also help her to save her life.

Watch RPF Police Saves Women Falling From Train CCTV Video Viral On Internet!

Let us tell you that she was inside the train but when the train reach the railway station, she was supposed to come out from a moving train. But, the speed of the train is slow but enough to injure or kill someone. There was a possibility of her life being lost due to the woman’s mistake but it did not happen. After she lost her balance and fall down from the moving train, some people around her held her hands. Along with them, a Railway Protection Force (RPF) was going through from the place and he ran towards the woman and pull her on the station.

RPF CCTV Footage Viral Watch

Many people saved her life before she was cut between the moving train and the platform. Let us tell you that the incident has happened when the woman tried to de-board train 22159. The CCTV footage of the entire incident has been found and it went viral on several social media platforms. There are uncounted people sharing the video because they don’t want anyone else to do the same mistake. Let us also tell you that the incident took place at Kalyan railway station. The name of the woman is Sarubai Karsude who is 71 years old.

Unfortunately, she slipped from a moving train and fell in the gap between the train and the platform. The alerted RPF police Updaesh Yadav who going taking rounds on the platform rushed to her and secure her life by pulling her immediately when she fell. The CCTV Footage of the incident went viral on several social media platforms and many people continuously shared the video to beware all the people to don’t do such types of mistakes.


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