WATCH: RIP L.T Leaked Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit: It is shocking to hear about the shooting incident in which an American rapper named Lil Tjay was one of its victims. However, it has become a couple of weeks since Lil Tjay became the victim of a shooting incident. Many social media reports and pages also spread the news of the rapper’s demise following the shooting incident that happened in Edgewater, New Jersey. Meanwhile, Lil Tjay’s fans and followers got shocked and they started taking over the internet to find out if the news of Lil Tjay’s demise is true or not. If you are also seeking the answer to this question then this article will help you to get information regarding the same. Kindly scroll down the screen as we have explained Lil Tjay’s shooting incident comprehensibly in the further given parts of this column. Follow More Updates On

LT Stabbing Death Video

RIP L.T Video Viral on Twitter 

Numerous calls were made at 911 on 22nd June when an unidentified man shot rapper Lil Tjay in Edgewater. When police arrived at the scene they found that a man while attempting a robbery at the scene shot and injured three people including rapper Lil Tjay and a security guard. While the third victim of the shooting incident was Lil Tjay’s friend. Kindly read down the location where rapper Lil Tjay was shot by a robber during a robbery attempt. Drag down.

RIP L.T Video Viral on Reddit

Later police revealed that Lil Tjay’s two friends named Jeffrey Valdez and Antonie were waiting for Lil Tjay in the parking yard of a shopping complex located on River Road. The following report also revealed that the robber was later identified as Mohamed Konate 27 years of age. When police recorded the testimonies of Lil Tjay’s friends they explained the circumstances that were revolving before and during the incident. Read more about this in the next section.

RIP L.T Leaked Video Explained

One of the friends of Lil Tjay told police that robber Konate approached their red Dodge Durango car and pointed a gun and asked them to hand over their valuable stuff including jewelry. Later Konate was shot by a gun but a companion dragged him in a white BMW and fled the scene immediately. But later police arrested the gunman from a hospital in New York. However, the rapper Lil Tjay is still alive and he is recovering from his injuries. Currently, Lil Tjay is in stable condition. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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