A video has been grabbing the attention of millions of people across the nation and even outside the nation. An erupted video is circulating on social media and taking rounds on Twitter as well which shows the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who is partying at a nightclub reportedly in Nepal’s Kathmandu. A Politician’s video is circulating on all over the social media handles and watched by millions of people. Since the video started to appear on social media, netizens couldn’t stop themselves to watch it before it removes from the Internet.

rahul gandhi video leaked

Now, Rahul Gandhi’s video is circulating on Twitter and other social media pages so, everyone can watch it. According to the sources, the video started to be posted by several BJP leaders on Tuesday who shared this on Twitter first and slammed the Congress leadership amid communal clashes in Rajasthan where the party is in power. BJP IT cell in-charge Amit Malviya took Twitter and tweeted,” Rahul Gandhi was at a nightclub when Mumbai was under siege. He is at a nightclub at a time when his party is exploding. he is consistent”. Keep reading to know more about this matter and who posted this video first on the Internet.

Rahul Gandhi Nightclub Video Leaked 

Malviya continued,” Interestingly, soon after the Congress refused to outsource their presidency, hit jobs have begun on their Prime Ministerial Candidate”. Later, the Congress Party also replied to this controversy and said that Rahul Gandhi was in Nepal to attend a function and asked whether it’s crime to have friends. But, before Congress made such a statement over the leader’s video, several BJO leaders have already taken their blast at the former Congress president.

Even, many social media users were spotted supporting Congress leader over this matter as a user, Jacob Chirayil said,” Shame on you @amitmalviya and BJP for spreading fake, baseless news and hatred among people. Face check: Rahul Gandhi saw with Chinese diplomat in Kathmandu pub? Baseless rumor spread like wildfire”. Well, the video is still circulating on Twitter and those who are interesting to watch it, they can easily search and watch it.

Rahul Gandhi Nightclub Viral Video

Because of the video, several questions and matters have taken place against Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi but still, he didn’t respond to it. Along with this, Rahul Gandhi was seen using his phone and standing with a girl near him. He is using his phone and someone is trying to record the footage of Rahul Gandhi.




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