Queen of the South Season 4

It starts with Teresa (Alice Braga) planning to expand her drug empire once again, and the location would be New York. She is all set to meet her cousin, who is a Russian Drug Boss. He asks Oksana (Vera Cherny) to set up a meeting. Teresa knows that it could be dangerous to involve her cousin in this as he is crazy. King George (Ryan O’Nan) warns Teresa that Russian gangsters are disgusting people. She says that this partnership can give her power.exposed' as undercover DEA agent

Javier went to the slight grave where Emelia (Sofía Lama) is embedded. He digs her grave with bare hands and uncovers her. He breaks down and cries over the body. Then Javier calls Boaz and tells him that he knows who killed Emelia. And he says that now he is going to kill him soon. Boaz says that gives a painful death to that bastard. Teresa comes to know that Lafayette has killed Tony and now she wants revenge on him. Marcel (Alimi Ballard) promises to help her.

They search Lafayette everywhere, they pay a prostitute to give them information about him. But they got failed when they know that Randall (Cory Hart) has rescued Lafayette. They are upset that this plan got failed. Pote (Hemky Madera) tries to kill Randall and she shoots him but he escaped as he was wearing a bullet-proof jacket. Then Javier confessed that he has killed Tony. Teresa gives bad news to the Judge that his nephew got killed in a bar fight and she is not who killed him.

She says now we both have lost each of our family members. Judge Lafayette ordered Teresa to give up her man. Teresa refused Javier to surrender. but the judge threatens her and says that he has kidnapped Oksana. Lafayette tortures Javier and leads him to the trunk of a car. They gush gasoline on the car and spill on Javier’s clothes. Javier challenges Randall and says “Let’s do this asshole”. He lighten up the lighter and says “nothing personal amigo”.

Randall catches fire and both immerse fire. Teresa is thinking about Javier. She goes to meet Pote and George. When they feel things will get better they see that a car is coming towards them. They don’t recognize whose car is this. They see that the door opens and someone slips out. They see it’s James (Peter Gadiot). He’s bleeding and falls on the ground. They all get shocked and Teresa runs to his side and says call a doctor. Stay connected to know more about this episode.



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