Watch Primary School Student Reach Police Station Solve pencil Issue Video Viral On social media, we have watched numerous videos which consist, some serious moments, funny, emotional, and many more moments of the individuals. Even, people share some of their childhood moments and along with this, any kind of videos from the school, colleges, and officers have been circulating on social media, and people like to watch those videos as it gives them another level of enjoyment. We all have gone through a school life where we used to tease our friends after stealing their pencils and pens from their geometry and never returning them. If it were to happen to you, you probably do nothing.

Watch Primary School Student Reach Police Station Solve pencil Issue Video Viral

There is another video that is going viral on social media and all those who are watching the video must be remembering their school life. The video shows a primary school student who doesn’t want to believe on his friends to seek justice, he knocks on the door of the police station. Yes, the video is showing a primary school student coming to the PedaKaduburu Polic station in Kurnool along with his classmate, who accused his friend of stealing his pencil and asked a police officer to solve this pencil matter.

While the police officer is also seen listening to them patiently to solve their situation and recording the video as well. The child also asked the officer to file a case against his friends, he says to him that he will be sent to jail and his life will become difficult. The video was shared by the official Twitter account of Andhra Pradesh Police and wrote a caption,” Even Primary School Children trust #APPolice: There is a paradigm shift in the attitude, behaviour&sensitivity of AP Police in way of giving confidence& reassurance to the people of #AP AP Police stay as No1 in #SMARTPolicing in the country”.

The video also showed both students explaining the situation to the police while two or three other students standing in the background and can be seen laughing at the situation. In the end, the video also shows the happy not and children leaving the police station with smiles on their faces. Maybe, the police solved their pencil problem in the police station.

After a few hours, the video went viral on social media and netizens shared this video further. As the video has become a part of meme and continuously, people have been reacting over the video.


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