Recently, a video of a mishappening went viral on social media and everyone is curious to know about this as they want to know how it happened? According to the reports, a fire broke out at Opera Square in Accra and due to this, two-storey building at Opera Square has been destroyed following a fire outbreak on Monday, April 25, 2022. The news of this fire breaking was confirmed by a firefighter who responded over the call. Now, the news and the video of the fire have gone viral on social media and many netizens are searching the video on the Internet.

Opera Square Accra Fire Video Viral

The news of this fire break has been spreading everywhere and lots of people are sharing their reactions on the matter. Due to this, many people get stunned and left them in trauma. Now, many are searching for the cause of the fire and they are taking social media to know about this matter. Well, we will try to provide all the details of the fire broke and how did it take place? The fire can be seen from far away. Keep reading to know more details about these matters.

Opera Square Accra Fire Video Getting Viral

The sources says that the fire broke out in a home appliance shop located in the Opera Square building in Accra. Well, an appliance shop includes several types of household things like shoes, bags, clothes, and other kid of things. Now, the material of the shops has burnt to ashes in this fire broke. Along with this, the server of the GT Bank was also affected by the fire. While the emergency services rushed to the spot after receiving a call about this fire broke.

The local reports say that the fire broke at around 4 PM on Monday, April 25, 2022. Well, Alex King, a firefighter member of the Ghana National Fire Service Communication told to the local media that the reason behind the fire break is still unknown but the officials are trying to know the cause behind this. The team managed to handle the fire to stop it from spreading to the closed shops in which, two banks also included.

It was not easy to extinguish the fire in the marketplace as the road was blocked due to the heavy traffic. The emergency services took several hours to take the situation under their control. When the fire broke out, police, fire services and an ambulance rushed to the spot to handle the situation, and soon, more details will be revealed about this fire break. Stay tuned with us to know more.


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