Another shocking video has topped the search in which a nine-year-old girl was forced to eat food which she threw in the dustbin. The girl was forced by her principal because the girl threw out the unwanted food in the bin at the school cafeteria. After that, the principal got angry with her this activity and forced her to eat the food that she throw.

Ohio School Principal Forces Student to Eat Waffles

So far, the video of the incident has been captured in the CCTV of the school and it went viral on the internet. Palm Elementary School principal Debra Pustulka and paraprofessional Monica Sommers-Fridenstein observed how a student threw the waffle in the bin during lunch.

Ohio School Principal Forces Student to Eat Waffles 

Somer-Friedenstein later retrieved the discarded food item, wiped it down, and brought it back to the girl’s table. A lawsuit filed by the girl’s family alleges that the booklet forced her to eat waffles from the bin, despite the ward not liking them.

Later, the girl is also seen in front of the camera talking about what happened to her and done by her principal and Sommers-Fridenstine. Not only this, but the girl also tells that her classmates laugh at her when her principal tells her to eat the waffle that she threw out in the dustbin.

Following the incident, the family of the 9-year-old student filed a lawsuit against the Lorain Board of Education and Sommers-Fridenstine. LaTosha Williams said her daughter fell ill after eating the waffles and lost her job because she had to take care of her daughter at home.

Later, Lorain City School released the video after Williams complained to the officials and it went viral on social media. There are many people who already watched the full video in which the Principal forced the student to eat the waffle that she threw in the dustbin because she does not want to eat the.

Let us also tell you that the Lorain City School District has admitted that they received the complaint from Williams but any action had not been taken by the authorities so far. Later, Pustulka and Sommers-Fridenstine had been fired from their respective positions.

The official statements stated that “Lorain Schools have released surveillance video showing a lunch monitor pull unwanted food out of a garbage can, wipe it off, and force the student who threw it away to eat it. She and the principal were fired”. Now, the video has been went viral on the internet and many people are talking about this incident.


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