Steve Sisolak and His Wife Threaten Outside Restaurant Video Went Viral:- According to the sources, the Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, and his wife Kathy recently captured the attention on social media and news channels. The Internet reports are revealing that the couple was harassed and threatened at a Las Vegas restaurant by a man who was referring to himself as a true patriot. With this, the man also recorded the video in his phone and later, shared this on social media from which, it went viral. This had to happen because the Governor of Nevada can be seen in the video with his wife. Steve Sisolak and His Wife Threaten Outside Restaurant Video Went Viral:-

Watch Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak His Wife Threatens Outside Restaurant

The man also took selfies with Governor before making some racially and politically offensive statements against him and his wife. Along with this, the unknown man was also prompting the governor to leave the place but continued to threaten him outside the restaurant as well. He was following him for around 100 m from the restaurant. The incident was recorded on the camera by the man and later, the video was circulated on social media. Governor addressed the incident but did not say any major details due to the ongoing investigation of this incident.

Since the news made headlines on social media and news channels, many people are searching for the video and the video is still available on Twitter and other social media platforms. According to the sources, the incident took place on Sunday, February 27, 2022, when Governor visited the Lindo Michoacan restaurant in Summerlin along with his wife Kathy and one of his daughters. Later, he was recognized by two men in the restaurant and one of them started to take a selfie with him. He was harassed by a fellow customer of the restaurant.

In the viral video, it can be easily seen that the person was approaching Sisolak for a selfie. After taking a picture with him, she started to give offensive remarks towards the governor and his wife. “I can’t tell you what a piece of s***** you are”, said a fellow man. Governor was ignoring him inside even outside the restaurant but he was continuously following them.

Who Was Justin Andersch? Viral Video Man

At that time, the Sisolak was present in the restaurant without his security and he was threatened to tie him up to a lamp post. Later, Sisolak left the restaurant without responding to the man. Now, the man has been identified as a self-proclaimed digital creator Justin Andersch on social media.

After this incident, the Governor’s Office told to the media that Steve Sisolak was disappointed about the recent incident, specifically with the abusive and offensive language used against his wife. Later, Governor Steve Sisolak released a statement.

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