Today we are going to talk about the Malayalam film Neeli. Neeli is a 2018 Indian Malayalam language horror film produced by Altaf Rahman, let us tell you that today the film has its world television premiere. We will give you information about the aspects related to the film through this article.

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As you all know that everyone was eagerly waiting for the television premiere of the film. It is a horror film which has a lot of drama, the film is directed by Altaf Rehman and is screened by TA Sundar Menon. Anoop Menon, Mamta Mohandas, and Baby Maya have acted as lead roles in the film.

Cast and Crew of the film

  • Anoop Menon
  • Mamta Mohandas
  • Babu Raj
  • Baby Milya
  • S.P Sreekumar
  • Zinil Zainuddin
  • Rahul Madhav
  • Anjana Menon
  • Swasika
  • Megha Mathew
  • Dhruv
  • Kukku
  • Nityasri
  • Bala Ji
  • Megha Nair

All these actors have played their roles well in the film and all have played different roles as well as they have an important role in making the film interesting. Let us tell you that during the film there is a girl named Laxmi, then the story of the film is related to her kidnapping, after her kidnapping, everyone tries to find her and on the other side she has supernatural power in her village Kalingund Seeks help. So the film’s story will revolve around this.

Do watch the film in its entirety you will have to wait for its premiere and apart from that, we have already told you that it is an Indian Malayalam language horror film of 2018 named Neeli but today it will be released its world television premiere which is 16 October and telecast at 3 pm on zee cinema. Whose Hindi dubbed will come is named Neeli Ek Shakti. So, get ready for the World Television premiere. I am sure that you will like the film very much because as we all know the film was released in 2018, the film received a total of 5.1 ratings, so you can guess how great the film will be. So, just wait for some time and then the film will be in front of you.


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