The new television show named Namak Ishq Ka is going on with a very genuine interest. The show is very entertaining and all the fans are regularly watching the show to entertain themselves at night. The producer of the show is Gul Khan and Karishma Jain. The show premier on Colors TV and giving many entertaining episodes to all the people who regularly watch the episodes of the show. The main casts of the show are Shruti Sharma, Aditya Ojha, and Monalisa. The performance of the personalities is very genuine and entertaining that got much love from the audience. Namak Ishq Ka is regularly gathering appreciations and views.

Watch Namak Ishq Ka 16th December 2020 Written Update Latest Episode Spoiler Alert Twist

The upcoming episode starts with Chamchm who dances on the road for the sack of money. Many people give her money but it is not enough to take care of her siblings. She needs more money to properly take care of her siblings. Suddenly her money shattered on the road and she starts collecting but Yug comes to that place in his car and said after seeing her that “it is not your garden where you sit calmly.” Yug further said that why are you here and afraid to come towards me. She replies to him that you are mad.

Yug again asks her that what is she doing on the road then she shows her Voter ID proof and said that she is an Indian and she has the right to go anywhere without taking anyone’s permission. Also, she further said, you don’t have the right to asks her what she doing at any place. Yug replies to her that he is not interested in talking to her and said that give me the way and stand on side of the road. So, I can from here. Chamcham said that you are a very arrogant person even I can’t want to talk with you.

Later, Chamcham asks Yug that did you go to school ever, he replies yes, then she said that so, whenever the book falls down that time they pick the book and keep it safe because it is the form of goddess Saraswati. Same as the note is also made from the part of the paper. So, we have to respect the notes because it is also the form of Goddess and I am respecting all the forms of the goddess. Namak Ishq Ka is regularly coming on top of the TRP chart because of amazing and awesome episodes. So, keep in touch with us to know more updates about the television series.


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