Normally, everyone wants to become popular in a short time but sometimes people do such activities that put a negative impact on the audience. There are numerous activities that come to the fore that create headlines and become the main topic behind some big controversies. Recently, another video did the same, and netizens talked about it.

Monark Twitter Viral Video


Yes, we are talking about Monark Twitter Video because it increases the same impact on the internet and makes people talk about it. So, he is a very famous YouTuber who is facing outrages and backlash after he shows support to Nazism and “anti-Jewish” thinking.

Monark Twitter Full Video

The name of the YouTuber is actually widely prominent and he contains a good amount of subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Let us also tell you that the YouTuber belongs to Sao Paulo Bruno Aiub and is popular for his stage name Monark. As per the sources, the is 31-year-old and become the talk of the town on 8th February 2022.

This Tuesday afternoon, a note shared by Flow has been declared the termination of the digital influencer from the program. Let us also tell you that Flow organized a podcast on Twitch which was presented by Igor Coelho on Monday, 7th February 2022.

Along with it, the guests in the podcast were federal deputies Tabata Amaral (PSB) and Kim Kataguiri (Podemos). Suddenly, Monark touched on the subject of Freedom of Expression. Not only this, but he also stated that Brazil should release the Nazi party and all the people who called themselves Anti-Jewish.

Let us also tell you that a controversial presenter said “I think there should be a Nazi party acknowledged by law”. In reply to him, Tabata said “I do not think so. The free speech concludes where your freedom puts the other person at a risk”.

But, Monark further said, “I think within (freedom of) expression, we have to release everything”. Then, The federal deputy clarifies that “The existence of a Nazi party hurts the existence of the Jewish community”.

Now, the video of Monark has gone viral online and it become a controversial topic for millions of netizens. Many people want to know every single detail of this topic and some people still talking about the controversial statement of Monark.

Talking about the reaction, one user wrote “I had thought he had crossed all the lines and limits in the last racist chat, but he managed to overcome himself in a way”. We will update all the information regarding this topic.


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