The latest episode of Molakki begins with Prakshi as Prakshi asks the priest to initiate the wedding ritual. The priest calls Priyu and Vaibhav in the pavilion for the wedding rituals as we all know that the process of Priyu and Vaibhav’s marriage is going on in Molakki at the moment. Meanwhile, Anjali comes there and says that this marriage is impossible to happen. Prakshi then asks where did she go and why did she not even pick up the phone. Anjali says that she will explain and tell him everything, but first, she will read this document, so that Vaibhav can decide whether Priyu has a right to become his wife.

Watch Molkki 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update Anjali and Vaibhav Are Shocked

Prakshi asks what the hell is she doing in front of everyone. Anjali says that this document will reveal Preu’s past which she has been hiding from everyone. She says that she is sure that after reading this document, Prakshi will not allow this marriage to happen. On the other side, Prakshi asks Purvi that all this is true Purvi says Anjali is telling the truth and tells that her sister loves her true but she betrayed him. Further, Anjali makes fun of Purvi for saving Priyu and questions Priyu’s character which makes the question Purvi angry and she shouts at Anjali.

However, Anjali and Vaibhav are shocked to hear it all. Along with this, Priyu thanked Virendra for saving her life and said that she will never forget this favor. Anjali thinks her entire plan flopped. Pragya sympathizes Priyu and says stop crying because you are a bride and asks her to wash her face. Poorvi tells Virendra that she wants to talk to him. Meanwhile, Pragya tells all the guests that the wedding rituals are being stopped for now.

After this incident, Vaibhav asks Anjali to do everything first and says that you marry Priyu but Anjali says that she does not want to marry Priyu. If he wants to get married then he should marry Jyoti. On the other hand, Purvi is getting ready. Meanwhile, Manas and Juhi are playing hide and seek with other children. That’s when Anjali puts broken glass pieces on the floor and pushes Manas on them and Manas calls Purvi for help, with that the episode ends.



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