WATCH: Midland Lubiri High School Student’s Bus Video Goes Viral On Social Media: An unusual video of school students from Midland High School Kawempe has put their authorities and their responsibilities in a questioning manner. The video shows students twerking in a school bus of Midland High School Kawempe. Twerking is a kind of dance that is done by women and girls in an intimate manner. Twerking involves women and girls flipping their hips or backs in a cringe way. On Friday, 10 June it was seen that students of Midland High School Kawempe were twerking in a bus that was going towards Jinja City in Eastern Uganda. Follow For More Updates

Midland High School Video

Midland High School Video

The video shows, that school girls in their school uniforms were seen stroking their butts on some boys’ thighs, and even the boys were seen making the twerking girls sit on them. The video went viral when someone recorded the incident from his or her mobile phone, while the bus got stuck in a traffic jam on the Kampala-Jinja highway.

On Saturday, 11 June Midland High School Kawempe’s senior teacher, FX Kyasa spoke about the incident by issuing a statement that says, the students who were seen twerking on the bus in the viral video, are not from Midland High School Kawempe, and those students belong to Lubiri High School.

Lubiri High School Bus Video

FX Kyasa told that their school bus was hired by Lubiri High School for a trip related to agriculture, and the bus was going towards Jinja city in eastern Uganda. FX Kyasa also criticized the way students from Lubiri High School presented themselves and asked the authorities of Lubiri High School to take required actions.

A statement from Midland High School says that the school is made on the foundations of very strong Christianity, and the school harshly censures the students’ exploits. The Midland High School maintains the decorum of learning that makes sure that its students are not given any chance to carry such behaviors. Midland High School is always supporting their customers, who hire their buses so that the kind of behavior Lubiri High School students did, is not reported again.

Video Of Lubiri Students

Midland High School will be continuing to provide their buses to be hired with more conscientious customers, the statement from the side of Midland High School writes. Besides that Lubiri High School management has still not made any official comment yet.

The viral video that is seen school students twerking, caused a hugely negative review of Midland High School. Social media users are requesting the Educational department to conduct an internal review of the school regarding its discipline and rules administration.


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